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Trustmark Mutual Holding Company (Trustmark), through its subsidiaries and operating divisions, offers a range of employee benefits, with specialized expertise in voluntary benefits, self-funded health benefit plan design and administration, and employee health and fitness programs that drive results through human and virtual connection. Trustmark offers employers access to benefit options usually reserved for large companies, combined with the personal service you’d expect from a small company. Trustmark’s commitment to building long-term, trusted relationships helps people and businesses thrive.

Trustmark has a terrible customer service and don't care about their customers, according to jessica_harder at

"TERRIBLE customer service. Such a hassle getting anything done with them, we got rerouted to about 5 or 6 different people and still never got our problem solved. Nobody seemed to know what was supposed to be done. Also, in the 2.5 years we have been with them we have never ever made a late payment...but on the one occasion that they didn't send us a statement, we now owe them more money because we paid late. They don't take care of their customers and don't even get me started on the online banking issues. I recommend looking elsewhere."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"While we value all points of view, we do not believe your assessments are accurate. And we do care about our employees and customers. Deeply. We would suggest you please reach out to your HR partner or call Trust Line to address your concerns."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"the people here in management are the worst some are semi-racist, and there was always a problem with my check. even when I did overtime there would be some type of issue where it would not show on my check."

Current Employee - Customer Promise says

"We appreciate you sharing your concerns. If you haven’t already, please bring these up with a member of our HR team, who can work directly with you."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Micromanaging supervisors. No work/life balance. No breaks, you are frowned upon if you take a break or a lunch. Even though you are allowed a lunch break per the law, if you take a break then you have a to make up your hours. Expect to stay late at work and work your weekends/vacations, the 37.5 hours/week promo is a fasad. Very difficult to take a vacation because of staffing issues. Very old building and older 70's cubes and dusty, feels like you are suffocating. Management is very racist. Majority of the employees are Caucasian and in the 40's-50's age range. I overheard the VP saying that she asked for a different presenter because he was Chinese. . Be prepared to be scapegoated for any mistakes. Management likes to pinpoint one person if things aren't going so well. There is no room for improvement. Constant changes without proper project management processes, so you are expected to keep up without being informed. If you are a person that can read minds and likes to work your life away, then this is the place for you. I'm so glad I don't work there anymore."

Former Employee - Premium Proccesor says

"Management is a nightmare. It is run like a kindercare. Management is not available ever and they take micromanaging to a whole new level. The brown noser and tattle tales get the favoritism"

Senior Manager says

"Leadership team FORCES managers and supervisors to fill out GlassDoor reviews and give company positive reviews! Favoritism, cliques, management team biased and stuck in the "good ol' days". Unwilling to change the culture and HR is a joke!! No direction, support or feedback unless it is done during the annual review process (also a joke) then you are completely blindsided with incorrect biased feedback without any documentation or examples/proof. Once you leave the company, members of the leadership team will give negative reviews to potential future employers within the same industry so you aren't considered for positions elsewhere - and YES, I do have proof that this has happened."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They preach authenticity when in fact the leadership is the exact opposite - more like fake, arrrogant and selfish. They pretent to cultivate a positive work environment and live by these great value but in reality they don’t train you, overload you with work a set you up to fail in every aspect. There is no support from leadership. There is little opportunity for advancement. No one really cares about your effort or what kind of job you do, your basically just existing until they dump a bunch of work on you and they expect that you give your best effort with no support or appreciation. Horrible raises and bonuses, compared to other companies in the same industry. No breaks. Micromanaging supervisors. Disgusting bathrooms. Little to no support among different departments. Not a real team environment. Expected to work while on vacation. Endless corporate bs."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"This company is the absolute worst Company that I have ever worked for!!!! If they call and offer you a job, don’t hold your breath because it will turn out to be a pathetic joke! If you’re thinking about applying for a job with this Bank, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!!!! I will not recommend this employer to anyone! Management is eat up with drama and they wouldn’t know quality of the resume slapped them in the face!"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I just want to start off my saying that locations matter. I started off in Brandon, Ms (LOVED the ppl there from Management to tellers) and I ended @ a Jackson location (Downtown ☹️) . I just would like to say I do Not have anything nice to say about management on the 1st floor. I went home crying many days because management was so horrible. If I would Tell you some of the things I was Written up for you"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for them as a manager and would never work for them again. They are very negative and create a depressing culture. They seem to enjoy harassing employees. HR seems like they have been sued many times. They walk on egg-shells and are just weird to. The Houston management team are unprofessional and biased.None - benefits expensive and cheapSr. Management is creepy and totally PC overboard!!!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for them as a manager and would never work for them again. They are very negative and create a depressing culture. They seem to enjoy harassing employees. HR seems like they have been sued many times. They walk on egg-shells and will are just weird.None - benefits expensive and chepSr. Management is creepy and totally PC overboard!!!"

Consumer Banking (Former Employee) says

"Poor culture. It was the worst place I ever worked. Houston fostered a very poor culture and it started with the Regional Consumer Manager. The Houston branch managers had no confidence in her. She was clueless! There was a lot of partiality and that added to the poor and negative culture.NonePoor leadership in the Houston market"

Consumer bank - Mgt (Former Employee) says

"Trustmark in Houston is a terrible place to work. They have a harassing environment and pick at employees for everything. Definitely micro-managers that don't trust their people and lack the experience in how to generate relationships leading to increased sales. Of all the banks that I have worked for, Trustmark in Houston has the worst environment to work in. Sr. Management acts as if they enjoy looking for the bad instead of looking for the good in it's employees. One more thing, their benefits are just as bad - the worst!NoneTerrible work environment!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very politically correct company. I can only speak of the Houston team and they have issues. The consumer regional manager is clueless and should not be in her position. The retail managers would always say she doesn't know anything and that certainly was the case. It's as if she has no experience managing sales and how to attain results. The commercial group is desperate and employees are unhappy. This company has been closing branches and there seems to be more to come - that is never a good sign. The benefits are terrible! The are very expensive andthe coverage is bad. Very disappointed the their benefits. Overall Trustmark has the worst culture of any bank I have worked for and that includes any company I have worked for. They were always looking for dirt on people and that just added to the poor culture.NoneTerrible culture - poor benefits - always looking for dirt."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"I learned alot but did not like the job had some co-workers who were extremely rude and disrespectful; also my supervisor did not like me.salaryshort breaks and not a close unit"

Financial Control Specialisf (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I have ever had. No structure and work environment feels like high school all over again. You get into a new job and are supposed to be trained. Will not happen. Old heads are stubborn and are looking for job security for self. You will teach yourself entire job and they’ll expect you to make manuals for future associates. They call the desk guided.You don’t work for FreeIt’s a great company, from past years"

Teller (Former Employee) says

"Athens/Huntsville area management team will make you feel like an outcast, if you’re not part of their “group” Highway 72- Athens Manager can’t be trust with confidential family matters, knowing the conversation should’ve stayed between her and I, it didn’t!! Drama drama dramacorporate trainingManagement"

Head Teller/Teller Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"if you are looking for a career advancement Trustmark Bank is not the best company to work for. Also Trustmark Bank is very stressful work place. Benefit is not great and you monthly cost on health care benefit is awful high."

Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Have worked for several banks in my career and this bank was the worst. The culture was very negative and no support from the Consumer Regional Manager. She did not foster a positive culture in the Houston Region. Trustmark just does not appreciate their employees and the benefits were expensive compared to other places I have worked.Did not work on SaturdaysNegative culture. Poor Houston Consumer Bank Leadership"

head teller 1 (Current Employee) says

"Every body in management is buddy buddy so don’t expect in confidentiality in ANYTHING ! They complain and pick about everything and on certain people. The company itself’s turnover rate is ridiculous because they offer nothing but headaches. The level of mess is sad but yet they complain about professionalism. I wouldn’t recommend my dog a job here !SchedulingEverything about this job"

Mortgage Loan Officer (Former Employee) says

"Outdated systems, processes and procedures. Snobby, good ole boy network. It’s definitey who you know and who you are related to. Management is not fair and consistent; so it’s hard to tell what is expected. They talk down to you. Unconcerned for areas with moderate income and housing.401k matchManagement is not fair nor consistent, no communication"

Branch Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Branch managers have to be uber drivers to compansate for low pay, if you have DUI it's guaranteed that you will loose your job. There is no schedule flexibility there is always an issue with kids schedule and doctors appointments, at least they make you feel guilty if you take time off. Such a drab.BenefitsNo schedule flexibility, low pay."

Real Estate Evaluation Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management is top heavy, little room for advancement. Raise structure is uncompetitive... “You’ve done a great job this year, I’ve put you in for a will be 2%” “You’ve shown me that you are ready to take on additional responsibility, I am promoting comes with a 10% raise. (Actually 8% because you won’t be eligible for your yearly 2%)” Health insurance premiums are expensive ($700-$800/month), went up every year I was there. Corporate office is outdated, makes the organization look second rate. No perks, but you do get an auto-generated e-mail on your birthday each year.People are nice.Employees aren’t appreciated."

FSR (Former Employee) says

"Not a busy branch I looked at the ceiling all day no customer's came in to opening accounts. Poor training. Employees felt nerves around the vice president of the branch.Good payNo customers uncomfortable environment"

Head Teller II (Current Employee) says

"Trustmark has policies in place, but they allow management to amend those policies however they see fit. Trustmark does not promote based on experience, but based on who you know. I have encountered several managers who were not worthy of their experience. Managers need thorough training, should be rated by employees as we are by them, and should be held accountable for their actions (thus high branch turnover).HoursPoor Management, Poor Pay, Poor Vacation Options, Poor sick policy"

Remote Caption Clerk (Current Employee) says

"The management is extremely unprofessional and HR does nothing to back up the complaint made. These people here have changed my life for the worse. It is no longer people you can trust."

Head Teller (Current Employee) says

"My experience with this company is not a good one. There is minimal flexibility with scheduling, the company doesn't seem to care for the employees, and it is hard to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with management."

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